Custom Ecommerce Solution Case Study

About the Client:

Annexus Solutions was approached to design a new e-commerce system with innovative functionalities that facilitate the purchasing of equipment for B2B customers at cities across the United States by a Fortune 100 company. The customer is an industry pioneer in building quality home comfort products with a presence across the world.


The existing e-commerce platform was both slow and cumbersome without a direct integration into internal systems. Order processing would take hours if not days creating customer service problems. Inventory visibility was poor and vendors often complained.

The need was a fully integrated sales processing system that included a modern responsive interface to accept orders that get seamlessly pushed into the backend ERP.


Annexus Solutions business analysts worked closely with the client to understand their internal systems. We met with several existing vendors and planned API integrations with all. A detailed plan was developed that explained the process end to end. Further documentation was created after meeting stakeholders of each city, the software was built using Agile sprints and released in under 6 months, sales grew 200% in the first year of launch. Annexus Solutions lead this ambitious project working with several vendors culminating in a centralized platform that manages over 2 million dollars of orders every day.

Here are some of the features that were custom designed:

  • Strong security system that kept city data isolated.
  • Enables purchase from different inventory locations in the same order.
  • Shipping options customization adjusting to time zone differences.
  • Centralized platform to handle orders from over 100+ branches across the U.S.
  • Responsive web system to enable ordering from any smart device.
  • UI design that offers an elegant and sophisticated experience to users.

Integrating systems not only improved efficiency and sales volume, the new software reduced errors and drastically improved customer experience. Inventory was no longer a mystery, all vendors had access to location wide inventory at their fingertips, orders took minutes instead of hours.

Solving unique business challenges is what we do best, integrating systems including legacy software can bring about new efficiencies and open new opportunities for data mining for business intelligence.

Patrick McGuire:
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